The Summer Institute

This summer the League of Young Inventors will be offering four different WEEK-LONG SESSIONS designed to unlock the mysteries of our MECHANICAL world. Each week combines storytelling, hands-on exploration, and construction to spark a young inventor’s CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY. Weather permitting and where applicable, we will take advantage of our location’s close proximity to Prospect Park and extend our design challenges to the outdoors.

Typical Day at Our Institute:

8:00AM:  Optional extended care
9:00AM:  Warm Welcome –  Gather for hands-on exploration, team building & storytelling
10:00AM: Work on their first challenge with time set aside for snack
11:45AM: Lunch and some well-deserved playtime outside.
1:15PM:  Work on second big challenge of the day
2:45PM: Gather for closing reflections
3:00PM: Sign Out
3:00PM – 6:00PM: optional extended care.