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The League’s STEAM units make project-based learning easy for teachers and schools with digital presentations, tested and refined hands-on projects (that really work!), material kits, and printables.

How it Works

Our customizable and multimedia-rich slides feature visual scaffolding and clear talking points. We support teachers as they guide kids through the entirety of the design process.

Each of our units is built on the backbone of hands-on builds that have been tested with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of students. We include the experience-based maker tips to teach each lesson like you’ve built it 1,000 times yourself.

Our ready-to-go units include everything you need to teach, including classroom material kits, full of tested and approved everyday materials, plus printables to guide off-screen and independent learning.

With the League’s curriculum, elementary students get to experience firsthand the entirety of the engineering design process – defining authentic problems, prototyping, tinkering + testing, researching, redesigning, and sharing solutions. Students who work through our units demonstrate a new sense of resilience and begin to develop identities as inventors.

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Our Units

Our interdisciplinary curricular units fit within the rhythm of the school day.

STEAM + Social Studies

Design Thinking + Science