We are looking for partners to help us spread the joy and curiosity of STEAM to students this summer! We have 2 engaging, enriching, easy-to-teach summer units, each with ample opportunities for outdoor play and experimentation. Click here to request more information.

Designing Toys

In this 7-challenge unit, young inventors will tinker and experiment to design their own toys! These lessons not only familiarize students with the ins-and-outs of the design process – they also introduce super-cool science concepts (Gravity! Lift! Buoyancy! Inertia!) that students see in action through their own hands-on builds and experimentation.

Taking Flight

In this 7-challenge unit, young inventors will explore the history and science behind many of the gravity-defying machines that have lifted humans to heights never thought possible. Students will learn about the four forces of flight: lift, gravity, thrust, and drag. Projects include kites, gliders, helicopters, parachutes, air-powered rockets, and more!

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