Our Mission

The League of Young Inventors is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit committed to increasing access to STEAM teaching and learning to students and schools across NYC and beyond.

Our ultimate objective is to foster an inventor culture within our partner schools and organizations, and support the growth of a new generation of innovators. In working through the design process, students experience firsthand the rhythm of experimentation, testing, failure, and refinement. We believe that this is essential for learning and for life, and equips students with both the tools and resilience they’ll need to address local and global problems now and in the future.

Our Impact

  • More than 2,300 students have participated
  • We’ve provided 1900+ hours of programming
  • We’ve partnered with 70+ educators
  • We’ve worked with over 10 NYC schools and counting

Where We’re Going

Founded in 2017 as a nonprofit, the League of Young Inventors originally began as a storefront makerspace in Brooklyn. Here, we spent two years developing and refining our STEAM curriculum through in-school residencies, summer camps, and after-school programming – with the long term aim of creating a scalable curriculum for schools to implement.

In Spring 2020, as Covid-19 hit NYC, we piloted our next iteration of our program model – a hand-off ready curriculum for schools. The pilot proved successful, and now we are working to expand our reach to more schools, teachers, and students:

  • Our whole school inventor curriculum, which begins in Kindergarten and goes up through 5th grade, fosters a collective inventor culture within our partner schools.
  • We do this by developing inventor skills and mindsets in the students we work with–skills that they can transfer into other areas of their studies and bring with them into upper grades of schooling.
  • Our branding supports this whole school approach. Taking inspiration from Scout programs and digital education games, the League’s badging system reinforces students’ identification as young inventors, and instills a sense of pride and confidence in completion and mastery of each unit of study.