Invent at Home

At the League of Young Inventors we believe that when kids have an outlet to act, make, invent, and pursue change it can have a big impact – both individually and in our communities. We are excited to begin offering a growing series of FREE hands-on STEAM lessons for families with kids in grades K-5.

Our lessons are designed for students in grades K-2 to complete with a caregiver and for students in grades 3-5 to complete independently.

Before you start, we recommend that families build a Problem Solver’s Toolkit of basic school supplies, craft materials, and household recyclables.

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Not-So-Simple Machines

In this five lesson mini-unit, young inventors explore the science behind the some simple machines that make everyday work easier – the inclined plane, wedge, lever and wheel & axle.

Making Marble Runs
with Inclined Planes Part 1

Lesson 1

Making Marble Runs
with Inclined Planes Part 2

Lesson 2

Making Paper Airplanes
with Wedges

Lesson 3

Making Flingers with Levers

Lesson 4

Making a Cardboard Car
with Wheel & Axles

Lesson 5