Our digital curriculum takes kids on an exciting journey to unlock the mystery and magic behind how things work through the engineering design process.

Our Approach

We define authentic problems

Our digital curriculum promotes the understanding that invention is an essential part of human life, done by humans throughout history and across the world. We look at stories, from different historical time frames, different cultures, and varied geography, to draw kids in so they can observe and relate to problems themselves.

We guide hands-on maker skills

Our digital curriculum engages young inventors in guided prototypes that teach hands-on maker skills. We have developed clear instructional videos that separate instruction into digestible steps, use summary slides to reinforce learnings, include strategic pause points to allow independent pacing, and highlight foundational maker tips.

We encourage experimentation + testing

Our digital curriculum ensures that young inventors experience the entirety of the design process by utilizing scaffolded visuals to change learners’ attitudes towards failure and redesign by normalizing and encouraging tinkering and experimentation.

We apply science concepts to real life

Our digital curriculum uses multimedia to illustrate and reinforce experiences young inventors may have in testing and redesigning their inventions so students can walk away with strong conceptual understandings of why their designs worked the way they did.

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