6 Weeks of Hands-On STEAM

Want to build quick-spinning toy tops and gliding plane toys that soar through the air with your class? What about marble runs that wrap around a box – or the whole room? Bring the Toy Design Challenge to your school!

How it works

  • Each week students are introduced to a new challenge: a toy engineering problem to solve. Each weekly challenge features 5 mini-lessons. Each mini-lesson guides students through a different step of the design process and sets the stage for 20 – 45 minutes of activity.
  • This unit can be taught synchronously (with customized multi-media rich slides narrated and paced by teachers) or asynchronously (with short instructor-led videos which guide students through each stage of the design process).
  • This unit not only familiarizes students with the ins-and-outs of the design process, it also introduces super-cool science concepts that students see in action through their own experimentation. (Gravity! Lift! Buoyancy! Inertia!)
  • A material kit is provided for each challenge. We also provide printable weekly Inventor Guides + worksheet packets to support independent student work.
  • There are 6 challenges in all, creating 6 weeks of instruction, tinkering, and experimentation!
  • The only cost associated with running this program at your school would be the at-cost price of the physical material kits for each student (or you can choose to use our material lists to create your own kits).

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